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The variety of music that our son has been exposed to through the Childbloom Program is invaluable. The Program has made learning the guitar fun – we are so pleased all that he has learned and accomplished. Thank You! – A. Allen


“Childbloom” is aptly named – We’ve literally watched our guitar player “bloom” before our very eyes musically!

– A. Peterson


Collectively, as a family, we have taken piano, guitar, saxophone and cello lessons. Childbloom is the best music experience our family has ever had. – L. Kingsly


We waited over a year on the waiting list to get into a Childbloom class, and it was well worth the wait. It has been a great experience to play the guitar with my child when we practice at home and watch her with her peers. – P. Miller


I would recommend the Childbloom Program to anyone interested in musical training for their child. Thank-you for your patience and dedication. – S. Biskobing


The flexibility of the Childbloom program allows for individual levels of learning and individual needs and at the same time provides a structure that urges you to go on as far as fast as you can. – S. Wallin


My son was involved with guitar about six months prior to finding the Childbloom Program. He had become disinterested and bored, I suggested we try Childbloom on a trial basis hoping to recapture the desire he once had. The results have been great. He is thoroughly enjoying it all, and last week brought his guitar to show & tell. His sister, as well is enjoying her start with the guitar. – S. Smith


The progression of lessons has made learning music easy, but still challenging. – G. Schneider


Having my son participate in the Childbloom Guitar Program has been one of the most positive and enjoyable things we have done together. – M. Morgenstern


Childbloom lessons have a unique combination of musical excellence and gentle sensitivity to children. The Childbloom method is working for us! – M. Milburn


This will surely prove to be one of the most valuable and memorable experiences in the lives of my two children. I hope they continue to play the guitar but even if they don’t they have learned many skills which will help them with other endeavors.- N. Fisher


Childbloom has been very positive for the self-image. All the students I have encountered always seem to say “I know I Can!” – I. Wooten


I really appreciate the newsletters. They have been very helpful. – S. Rench


Its great! Zach’s interest has grown as the lessons have progressed. He hums his Childbloom music throughout the day. He has taken his guitar to preschool for show & tell and plays for anyone who comes to our house. He is very proud of his accomplishments and so are we. – M. McGee


At 3+ years in the Childbloom Program I recently asked my daughter (11 yrs. old) why she likes classical guitar. Her response was, “I like to be able to do something that not a lot of kids can do and I do like to show that skill off.” – S. Ortiz


My son has been taking lessons at Childbloom for two and a half years. I (as well as his school music teacher ) am amazed at how quickly he is learning to read and play music. We look forward to every lesson! – K. Peters


This has been the best experience. Our son’s time at Childbloom has really been beneficial. He has now expanded the number of instruments he plays as a result. – B. & J. Campbell


Awesome program. Great Instructor. I am happy to play guitar with my daughter Thank You. – S. Cross


I could not ask for a better guide in music. – W. Houser


I am amazed at how far my daughter has come. It’s a great Program. I like the contests and the fact that there is more than 1 student in class. I think peer facto adds quite a bit. Great Job! – P. Cline

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